an easy-to-use tracing and logging system for RabbitMQ

What is rabbit-hutch?

rabbit-hutch is a handy service written in ruby, that can listen to multiple rabbitMQ nodes and echo all messages to console, a log file file or a MongoDb Database

What does rabbit-hutch do?

When Tracing is enabled on a rabbitMQ node all message received and published get duplicated on a a queue called amq.rabbitmq.trace
rabbit-hutch service creates a queue" that binds to the exchange "amq.rabbitmq.trace" and writes all messages to standard output, a log file or a MongoDb Database... or all 3!

Installation and Usage

The service installs as a ruby gem
gem install rabbithutch

  • Create a config file. See readme in git here
  • Then run
    rabbithutch start -- ~/config.yaml
  • Features

    Runs as a service
    Listen to multiple rabbitmq nodes
    Write messages to console
    Write messages to log file (ideal for Splunk)
    Write messages to MongoDb